The new film trilogy from war of stars It will wait until 2021, but fans of the saga – from next year – will be able to immerse themselves in the narrative universe of the High Republic, which is explored through comics, novels, and TV series.

Star Wars The High Republic will tell the historical period that preceded the events of the Preque trilogyL. L. The appointment is scheduled for 2021, but in order to arouse fan expectations, the project’s official website has made small progress on some Jedi lines.

Among these, the San Tekka family stands out, of which the character of the sequel trilogy – Lor San Tekka – appears to be a direct descendant. The co-creator of the series, Charles Soule, provided some interesting pointers:

“Once upon a time, there was only one family of hyperspace seekers who sought to explore valuable roads in the far reaches of the galaxy. The San Tekka clan has become a dynasty at the forefront of the technologies and techniques that make this possible Under the supervision of the marionettes Marlon and Vellis San Tekka, the clan is working closely with the Republic and will be vital to responding to the major disaster. They are hiding a secret … their rise was not achieved without compromise “.

Star Wars: A new lightsaber for Luke Skywalker in the official comic. Star Wars: The High Republic has been postponed to 2021, new dates are available.

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