With the release of Volume 98 of ONE PIECE, Star Comics editions spawned The Road to 100, which will culminate in the coveted hundredth volume. While waiting for that goal, the work signed Eiichiro Oda reaches the ninety-ninth edition, accompanied by the special The Pirate Recipes of Sanji.

From October 29th in the comic shop, bookstore and online shop as well as at Lucca Comics & Games 2021, ONE PIECE n.99, volume contains chapter 1000. As with volume 98, this publication by Star Comics is characterized by a double version, a regular and a fixed edition. It is characterized by a transparent PVC dust jacket, a maxi poster and a postcard with a test code to activate a 30-day premium subscription to the Crunchyroll streaming platform free of charge.

In addition to the anniversary editions of ONE PIECE n.98 and n.99, it is formed a special picture which represents Luffy, the king of the pirates. There will be a delicious extra in the upcoming volume, namely a mini-poster with a commentary on Chapter 1000 by Sensei Oda.

On the road to 100 there will be the book too ONE PIECE - Sanji's pirate recipes, in which the culinary secrets of the chef of the straw hat crew are revealed. Sanji will guide readers in creating the dishes that drive his fellow adventurers crazy, from the meat on the bone that Luffy loves to the Cantonese rice of pirate gin. Each recipe offers the opportunity to relive one of the masterpieces of the most popular crew of the last twenty years.

In The Pirate Recipes we find Ben forty recipes which gives readers the opportunity to get to know the study of Master Oda and the culinary habits of the ONE PIECE staff. And you, are you going to get this special volume back, too, or just number 99? Finally, we leave you up to the recent problems that Star Comics and other publishers have encountered.

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