the The lives of Goku and Bulma they bonded many years ago when Akira Toriyama decided to start her story in Weekly Shonen Jump. The wild child, who lived alone, and the city girl, intelligent but defenseless, crossed and began the Dragon Ball journey that continues today with the new manga sagas.

The two characters have grown over time as, unlike many other manga and anime, Toriyama decided to keep his hands moving a lot in the world of Dragon Ball, and so did the protagonists from adolescence to late maturity and full age to bring, almost at the gates of old age. there Bulma, the one we've seen the most, is the most grown-up of Dragon Ball Zwhere he continues to demonstrate his intellectual abilities by constantly providing the protagonists with new equipment.

However, Bulma was also very involved in the first phase of Dragon Ball, starting herself on the hunt for the Dragon Balls and even building a device to locate them. Let's go back to the early stages of his adventure by a Bulma Rabbit Cosplay, so she had to wear one of the clothes in Oolong's vehicle that were clearly inspired by the Playboy bunnies.

We stay in these adventurous moments and at the same time remember another Bulma cosplay as a young man created by Fabibi.

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