That Wedding of Loid and Yor it was beneficial to both parties. While the former was able to continue Operation Strix, the latter managed to maintain their cover. However, in the fifth episode of Spy x Family, the first dark and secret aspects of this marriage come to light.

Loid is actually the Twilight spy while Yor is the Thorn Princess' assassin. Neither of them knows the true identity of the other. At the last date of the anime adaptation, however Yor shows a whole new side by himself. And no, let's not talk about the Spy x Family erotic statue dedicated to her.

So far Loid had known a kind and shy woman as well as one loving mother towards little Anya. Agent Twilight now knows that for no reason in the world does he ever have to challenge his wife.

To celebrate Anya's induction into Eden, Frankie brings home a booze for the forger. None of those present know that Yor does not tolerate alcohol in any way. After a few sips, in fact, that Thorn Princess is dead drunkand completely loses his mind.

This all-new version of Yor drove the fandom begging to be allowed on the internet insane check again in this condition. Fans especially loved the way Yor challenged her husband Loid. Here are some comments from users.

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