The original saga of the Great Battle of the Land of Water has taken a dire turn, taking the protagonists through a spiral of death and hatred. The clash between the Funato clan pirates and the ninja of the mist and the leaf actually killed one of the kunoichi of the new generation of Boruto.

During this original anime story arc Metal Lee discovered love Gain a deeper understanding of Hebiichigo, the one who wields the legendary Sewing Needle sword in this sequel. This romantic tale didn't last as long as expected, however: in Boruto 248, another death rocks the theater of war.

The first contacts between Son of Rock Lee and the Kunoichi of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist happened when the latter used her sewing skills to repair the Leaf Ninja's green tracksuit. When Metal compliments her needle-handling skills, Hebiichigo is surprised. It was actually the first time he received a sincere compliment.

For the duration of the saga, the two were very close and even Hebiichigo gave up running away because of Metal's words. In the final showdown with Funamushi Funato, this pair fought side by side and showed remarkable harmony. In an attempt to stop the pirate, Hebiichigo is shot.

As the fight ends, the Kunoichi of the Mist manages to exchange her last words with Metal, thanking him for being the first person to genuinely trust her. That Crying of the Ninja of Konohawill help Boruto see the vicious cycle of hatred he has fallen into.

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