The sixth episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission dates back to late December 2022. After several weeks of being absent, the non-canon anime is finally set to make its return. Here is the release date and synopsis for Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultra God Mission 7.

The The clash between Goku and Aios had been interrupted by the rise of the Dark Demon King. Demigra made his debut in Super Dragon Ball Heroes by summoning a powerful enemy. However, Dark Omega Shenron was beaten with a homage to Dragon Ball GT without too many problems. How will the story continue now?

The February 12th Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 of the Ultra God Mission Arc is released online. The promotional anime of the arcade video game of the same name will therefore return with an episode entitled "A tumultuous space-time super-battle from the demon grasp of the Dark King Demigra!".

Syn Shenron has been defeated, but the crisis is not over yet. Battles continue to take place in different locations, each with their own developments. The The dark king Demigra will make his decisive move. Will he be the one to fight Goku, or will a new foe from the series' past emerge? At this crucial stage of the Ultra God mission, Broly was able to intervene.

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