After two courses broadcast between spring and autumn 2022, theSpy x Family Anime bid farewell to viewers. The members of the Forger family are unlikely to fail viewers' hearts, but Anya already seems desperate. Here is the little telepath protagonist from Tatsuya Endo's work in an original artwork by the author.

With Spy x Family 1x25 the first season of the anime ended. After many hilarious developments, Loid Forger has finally managed to meet up with Donovan Desmond. Twilight has taken an important step forward in the success ofOperation Strixbut the mission is still in its infancy.

In 2023, Spy x Family returns with the second season of the anime from WIT Studio and CloverWorks and with its theatrical debut. A PV trailer actually showcased Spy x Family The Movie, the first Anime feature film dedicated to the Forger family.

Waiting for news regarding the original plot of the anime film, the author Tatsuya Endo posted an original artwork on his Twitter profile depicting Anya in one of her meme faces. This time, instead of her usual "heh" grin, the little girl with the telepathic powers has a desperate and tearful face. Has she run out of peanuts that she likes?

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