Spy x family is one of the most ambitious titles in the new generation of Weekly Shonen Jump, already going strong with millions of copies sold and a popularity similar to another sensational hit from the magazine, Assassination Classroom. All this, moreover, only crowned by the efforts of its author and without the attraction of a television series.

The rise of Tatsuya Endo is meant to be spoken for not just for a mere matter of numbers as the manga has started to be compared to Bleach and Naruto caliber titles, but also because of the phenomenon that has shocked the web. Since its debut, the comic immediately went viral online through an advertising campaign mainly run by the internet community. The only thing missing at work to get into fifth gear and quickly run to even more ambitious numbers it is an animated implementation.

And maybe the wait won't even be as long as a press release related to the release of Volume 5 of the manga showed. heralds a "top secret project" which will be unveiled on August 25th. It hasn't been clarified what kind of format the announcement is, but we just have to wait a week to see the future of the series.

And you, on the other hand, believe that the time has come for one Spy x Family Anime customization or is it too early let us know yours as always with a comment below.

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