The Forger family prepares to say goodbye. By the way, the next episode of the anime series will also be the penultimate one of the first season. Let's find out when it will be released and what will happen in the previewEpisode 24 of Spy x Family.

He entered the field in these final episodes of the anime Fiona Frost, Loid Forgers staff at the hospital. Like the other main protagonists of the work, the woman also hides a second, mysterious identity. Fiona is actually there Spy NightfallSecret agent of WISE.

In Spy x Family 1x23, the secret tennis tournament that Twilight and Nightfall had to participate in has come to an end. The WISE agency believed that the tournament organizer was in possession of a valuable painting in which gods were hidden Secrets that can ignite the conflict between East and West. After triumphing without much difficulty, the two spies managed to seize the painting in question. However, no vital information was hidden there.

The war between Westalis and Ostania has once again been averted, but the Forger family is not having the best of times. Acquaintance with Fiona Frost strong destabilizes Yor. Loid's mock wife has sensed that the woman is interested in her husband but feels inferior to him. Will Fiona be the reason for Loid and Yor's divorce? Titled Mother and Wife, Shopping with a Friend, Spy x Family 1x24 will debut in simulcast streaming Crunchyroll on 12/17 2022. We also remind you that the announcement of Spy x Family Season 2 could be just around the corner.

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