Paper RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire the Masquerade, and Cyberpunk 2020 offer dedicated gamers immense freedom and often bring unforgettable and profoundly different characters to life. Based on this idea, we asked ourselves: What would the classes of Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke? Let's find out.

THE three members of team 7 the original series are outlined very differently. All are experienced in specific combat areas, and this has enabled better differentiation and more accurate recognition of their respective roles. Let's start with the protagonist. Naruto would be a perfect Echo Knight, Subclass of warriors, designed by Matthew Mercer, Dungeon Master of the Critical Role series.

Given the versatility of the class, able to use both melee and ranged weapons, it perfectly reflects the protagonist's unpredictability. Likewise, his most distinctive ability, the Manifest Echo, corresponds in part to the shadow cloning technique that Naruto himself uses all the time.

For Sakura, the choice is quite simple, and it is this War Domain Clericsthat can both heal its allies and deal massive damage to enemies. In addition, there is also an ability for the Kunoichi that is very similar to its Mitotic Regeneration or the Avatar of Combat, which reduces damage in combat.

Think about Sasuke, the next class is definitely the Warlock Hexblade, a subclass found in The Xanathar Comprehensive Guide. The connection with Orochimaru is in perfect harmony with the pact between the warlocks and the beings that give them powers, and the Hexbalde receive a magical weapon from their master, just like the Sannin with Sasuke's katana.

Finally the teacher Kakashi Hatake falls under the definition of a magicianJust think of the school of evocation, just think of all the elementary techniques that the Sixth Hokage used continuously, from the famous chidori to the various strategies based on the art of fire. What do you think of this parallel between the Team 7 ninjas and the D&D classes? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Keep in mind that Tsunade received a very loyal cosplay and we will let you follow the story of Naruto 19 years after the anime was released.

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