The saga of Survivor Granolah turns out to be very important, both for introducing new characters and for deepening past events around the planet Cereal. Though Granolah holds the title of Antagonist, the real villains are the Heeters, creators of the current battle and dangerous strategists.

From the beginning of the narrative arc to the last chapter 77, the Heeters, formed from the leader Elec, the seemingly friendly Maki, the barbaric Oil, and the taciturn gas, proved to be more powerful than expected, and their relationship with Freezer could definitely mark them the Olympus franchise's best antagonists. The same Invasion of the grain that happened 40 years earlier Today it was organized by the Galactic Emperor, but used by the Heeters to sell the unpopular areas of the planet to new species.

there organizational performance shown so far, which is mainly attributable to Elec, combined with the strategies and tricks worked out with the utmost care, which allow him to act undisturbed even for decades. There are also two narrative aspects to be considered that can have important consequences. The first relates to Gas, the mysterious character who appears to be extremely powerful, the second relates to the one instead Look at the heeters of the two Dragon Balls guarded by Monaito.

To conclude, we'll leave you to the hypotheses of what might be missing at the end of the saga and the special dedicated to Bardock's Retcon.

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