One of the public's favorite anime series is about to end its run. Indeed, with the debut of Spy x Family 1x09 on Crunchyrollat the end of the first round of the adaptation only three episodes are missing.

Spy x Family 1x08 put Loid and Yor to the test. Their "fictional" relationship nearly broke up on Yuri's debut he had asked the couple to kiss in front of him. This is where the ninth episode begins. Loid approaches Yor, but the woman is not ready. However, to keep his reporting alive, he chooses to do so drink some wine: This time she is the one who approaches her husband.

A few moments after the fateful kiss, Yuri simply cannot witness such a scene and decides to intervene. He stands between the two and gets a slap in the face from his sister. Bleeding and defeated, Yuri leaves the counterfeit house. The counterfeiters have proved their love in Spy x Family 1x09.

The next morning, at breakfast, Anya tells her mother that she is really denied the stove. As a woman unable not to have kissed Loid, and also as a mother unable to cook, She is in a crisis. In the meantime, Loid begins to doubt his wife: Is it possible that he doesn't know anything about his brother's real work?

To find out the truth, Twilight first applies a bug to Yor, and then the farmer. Once he even interrogates her with Franky's help and an improvised secret agent costume. However, Yor proves his innocence. At the end of the day, Loid and Yor go home together. As Anya happily suspects, the couple crisis was averted.

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