This morning Netflix has a special event called "Netflix Anime: Mega Rich 2 Hour Special", which featured all of the major anime series (original and others) that came out in the course of 2021. Among them is Spriggan, the exclusive anime that was presented in winter 2019 and is likely to be about to be released.

Below you can take a look at the teaser released by the official Netflix Twitter profile that it promised during the event the imminent arrival of new information about the series. In the appendix you will also find a summary of all important series that are to be published by the end of the year Records of Ragnarok, The way of the apron is Baki Hanma: son of the ogre.

As for Spriggan, Netflix hasn't been overly generous with the information for now. We know the series is an adaptation of the 1989 manga Hiroshi Takashige is Ryoji Minagawaand that the production is entrusted to the guys from David Production (JoJo's bizarre adventure, Fire Force). However, we will soon learn new details, including hopefully the publication date.

And what do you think of this teaser? Are you waiting for Spriggan? Let us know which Netflix anime inspires you the most by leaving a comment in the box below! In the meantime, we'll leave you with our top 5 most anticipated Netflix anime of 2021.

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