Competing with giants like Netflix or Disney for the entertainment market is anything but easy. To get ahead in this sector, you need strong economic availability that a giant like Sony can guarantee. In fact, the company has already started testing the water with Demon Hunter enjoy considerable success.

Recently, Sony's CEO attended an interview for Nikkei Asain review in which he discussed the company's upcoming initiatives. While talking Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed the company's interest in the animation market and expressed the interest of the "Help fans all over the world get Japanese anime released".

To reinforce this behavior was also the recent success of Demon Slayer, published largely by Sony thanks to both Aniplex and Funimation, and enjoyed impressive merchandising that convinced the same company to produce a game of the same name for PlayStation 4. and smartphone. In the spring of next year, Sony will become the Sony Group and one of the giant's first lenses will "Impress the world with the power of creativity and technology"where leadership is placed in the hands of the anime industry.

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