Reiji Miyajima steps up again, this time with The Shiunji Family Children. Fans of Kanojo, Okarishimasu are in for a treat with an upcoming anime adaptation. Excitement's high, but the production's keeping it under wraps.

The Shiunji's live a life of luxury, but it's their unusual love stories that really turn heads. They challenge what's normal, making you rethink everything you thought you knew about love. Reiji Miyajima started sharing "The Shiunji Family Children" on Fanbox since February 2022.

Fanbox lets fans see stuff early and help out the author with some cash. It's good for both sides: Miyajima gets paid for his work, and fans get special access to his stories they can't find anywhere else.

Meet Arata and His Siblings

Seven siblings stand out with their smarts and looks, especially Arata. He's trying to keep up with family drama and what everyone else expects of him, all while putting his family first. When the youngest sister hits fifteen, a bombshell drops, shaking up the Shiunji household. Arata's got to face some hard truths about where he comes from.

What's Next for the Shiunjis?

After a pause, the manga's back and fans can't wait for more. The anime's set to add another layer to Miyajima's world, and everyone's eager to see how it turns out. As the story goes on, it pulls you into the Shiunji's world, showing love in all its forms through the eyes of these unique characters.

The Shiunji Family Children isn't just about family ties; it's a deep dive into what connects us all. With the anime coming up, it's the perfect time to get into the manga and see Miyajima's skills for yourself. It's shaping up to be a journey full of feeling and thought-provoking moments.

If this family's wild ride grabs you, tell your friends. Talking it over can make the whole thing even better, letting you all get more into the Shiunji world.

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