Shirobako's animated film debuted on February 29, was moderately successful in the East, and surprisingly received a nomination for the prestigious film Shanghai International Film Festival. This was until a few minutes ago the jury decided to remove the application (possibly under external pressure), because of a tweet.

According to what is reported by Weibo A few moments after the announcement of the candidacy, some citizens would have written en masse to the organization and reminded them of a contribution published by the author Tsutomu Mizushima last May. The tweet in question, visible below, reports the following: "The number of Protestants in Hong Kong seems to have increased recently. I support democracy. We are at your side".

The Hong Kong protests have caused a sensation in the past year, and apparently some citizens have disliked the position of the anime director / writer. Mizushima has not posted a response yet.

We remind you of that Shanghai International Film Festival is the most important East Asian film festival to which the FIAPF On par with the other festivals of "Serie A", including Venice, Berlin and Cannes. Unfortunately, Mizushima has to give up the chance to get one Golden chalice, Statuette associated with the best annual films.

And what do you think about it? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we would like to remind you that the first ten minutes of Shirobako's film can currently be viewed on YouTube completely free of charge.

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