Viewers will also find what they are looking for among the latest news the Japanese anime industry has in store for these final months of the year Shinobi no Ittoki, the original series produced in collaboration between Troyca and DMM Pictures. Here's the trailer, premiere, and visual of the work on Ninja!

It has been announced through the relevant official sites that Shinobi no Ittoki will debut in the Fall 2022 season. To be more precise, the premiere is planned for the 4th of October at the Japanese TV station Tokyo MX. Also in October, Season 6 of My Hero Academia will debut.

The release was accompanied by a new one teaser trailers, which anticipates the anime's opening theme, "Hikari" (Light) by Humbreaders, and anticipates the events that we will witness. Set in modern day Japan, Shinobi no Ittoki follows the story of Ittoki Sakaruba discovering he is who he is legitimate descendant of the Iga ninja clan after an assassination attempt. To find out who tried to kill him and why, he goes to Ninjutsu Gakuen, Japan's only ninja school, to learn and train shinobi. But the danger is always present at school, because apparently a traitor is hiding among his new companions. The visual shows us some of the protagonists of the work.

Among the voice actors are the names of Ryota Ohsaka, the voice of Ittoki Sakuraba, Taito Ban, the voice of Suzaku Ban, and Taku Yashiro in the role of Himura Takane. DMM Picutres and Troyca are credited for the production, but the latter company handles the animations. The staff includes Shuu Watanabe as director and Minato Takano as screenwriter. Isamu Suzuki is serving as character designer and executive animation director, while TOMISIRO is composing the music.

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