On the official page for the animated franchise from Tennis is not ouji-sama ((The prince of tennis) a new promotional video for the animated project by Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama: Hyoutei vs. Rikkai - game of the future ((The new prince of tennis: Hyotei versus Rikkai game of the future). The video shows a fragment of the main musical theme entitled "1/2 no Mirai e" by Rei Todorokiand reveals that the first part will premiere in Japan on February 13, 2021.

The two-part project will represent "the before and after" in the history of this spin-off project. It had previously been announced that the voice actor Junya Enoki He will participate in the cast as Yoshio Tamagawa.

This new project will tell an original story that will include a match between the secondary team at Hyoutei Academy, led by Keigo Atobe, and the secondary team at Rikkai University, led by Seiichi Yukimura. This story was never described in the manga.

Production team

  • Keiichiro Kawaguchi ((ISLAND) is responsible for the direction of the anime in Studio KAI and the studies MSC
  • Mitsutaka Hirota ((Anime Gataris, Nanbaka) is responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.
  • Akiharu Ishii ((Blood +, Gunjou no Magmell). is responsible for the character design.

Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama Synopsis

It takes a lot to get to the top when it comes to tennis. Nobody knows this better than Ryouma Echizen, a young tennis prodigy, and his teammates from the Seishun Academy. It was only because they pushed themselves to their limits and spent countless hours preparing for each exciting game that they managed to claim victory at the Japan National Tournament.

So Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama begins with Ryouma and his teammates going to the U-17 national team's training ground after receiving a special invitation to win the Nationals. The training ground is famous for its strong tennis players, so the guys from Seishun Academy are not eager to take their game to a new level. However, not everyone is happy to have them in their ranks and they have to undergo intense training to prove that they are among the best players of their generation.

Source: Comic Natalie

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