Twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve constellations, twelve houses. Some of the strongest warriors of live here Saint Seiya - The Knights of the Zodiac, those who wear the prestigious golden armor and reflect the power of the constellations of the zodiac signs. After the first house of Mu di Aries we are in the Halls of the Bull.

Dwelling there is Aldebaran, one of the twelve golden knights of the sanctuary The Zodiac Knights. Of Brazilian descent, he has unparalleled size and physical strength, making him the most physically powerful warrior among the Twelve Golden Knights. It was he who received the armor of the bullwhich makes him the master of the second home.

Always described as an affable and kind-hearted person, even too carefree compared to the other golden knights of Saint Seiya, he will be the first warrior in golden armor that the protagonists will face in the saga of the twelve houses. Loses to Pegasus, with whom he had made a bet to let everyone pass if they could destroy his horn. He was also sure that neither boy was a traitor, as had been claimed, and that Lady Athena supported them.

It appears briefly during the Poseidon saga, but especially during the Hades saga, He is killed by Niobe, but he will still be able to help the others open the wall that leads to Elysium. You can check his exploits on Amazon Prime Video where Saint Seiya has been inserted.

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