Two of the most anticipated and viewed series in the animation industry at the end of 2022 were chainsaw man and Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War. Denji's story is very different from Ichigo's, but the protagonists have in common that they compete against Devils and Hollows. But what is the best type of enemy from a narrative point of view?

Devils embody people's worst fears, all have a unique and distinctive form, often associated with a personality and appropriate skills. The chainsaw man devils exist because humanity recognizes its own inner weaknesses that risk consuming them and making them Feeling terror even for abstract or immaterial things. However, as happened to the protagonist, devils can be useful to people, giving them powers and abilities by making an agreement.

On the other hand, in Bleach the Hollow can be described as the spirits of the dead who cannot find eternal rest. They therefore represent a negative attachment to their past mortal life, from which they cannot break free. When their chains break, Hollows mutate and gain new abilities as well. Like devils, Hollows can vary in form and abilities, and most seem to behave like wild beasts with absolutely no brains.

To better define the hollow is its name. Emptiness marks them, and are constantly looking for souls to feed on. If a shinigami manages to cleanse a hollow, it is destined to wander the Hueco Mundo in search of a purpose. To make the Hollows' story even sadder is the fact that they are unable to recognize people who knew them when they were alive also deprived of memory.

Ultimately, Devils and Hollows are two very intriguing types of monsters to study, and while they seem mostly just made for action scenes, some are They bring serious and profound issues to the stage, which fit both Kubo's and Fujimoto's narratives appropriately, with current but not lasting drives. What do you think about this? Who do you think are the best plot level antagonists between Hollow and Devils? Tell us in the comments.

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