The battle between heroes and villains continues My hero academia which has currently slowed down for some chapters to focus on just a handful of characters. Several battles take place on both fronts, that of Jaku and the Villa, but there are few protagonists in the stories of Kohei Horikoshi.

With the Chapter 280 of My Hero Academia There was apparently the final phase of the clash with Gigantomachy. The monster is absolutely inaccessible to the heroes present there, not even in a group, so Yaoyorozu had to think about an alternative method to stop it. The League of Villains didn't make it easy by putting a spoke in the wheel for the young heroes, and because of this, Mina Ashido takes care of everything at the beginning of the chapter.

Unfortunately, the girl will be shocked by the power of the Gigantomachia, but saved by Eijiro Kirishima. Red Riot rushes at full speed to block the giant's attack and rescue Mina, including to get her sleeping pill bottle. Thanks to her physical endurance, Kirishima mitigates the blow and begins to mount Gigantomachy's body, approaching her mouth. One vial in his possession is broken by a toga attack, the other, received by Ashido shortly beforeis successfully thrown into Gigantomachy's open mouth.

Eijiro Kirishima showed again in My Hero Academia 280 that he is a real hero. She saved Mina Ashido regardless of her danger and showed all the mental advances she had made since she was afraid, unlike her classmate who saved her friend from a younger and smaller Gigantomachia.

Will the gesture be enough to guarantee the Yuei victory?

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