Saint Seiya: here’s how Kurumada chose the main characters

Saint Seiya it is still one of the most famous manga and anime in the world, thanks to those broadcasts on global TVs of the 80s and 90s. Masami Kurumada still works on the project with spin-offs and sequels, but there is a lot of news that gravitates around the main manga. For example the creation of armor or characters.

How were the characteristics to give to the main characters of Saint Seiya? Masami Kurumada answers this question by revealing small anecdotes about the creation of his most famous work.

"I was thinking about the classic balancing of the shonen. A hero with a hot and stubborn head, a serious boy, a cool boy, another more 'kawaii', and finally another really powerful, and this explains how Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun and Ikki arrived. But I thought it wouldn't have been interesting if the five-character group had become a group united from the start as in stereotypical stories, and that's why Ikki was first introduced as an enemy. Besides, it was my intention make Hyoga a killer sent by the Sanctuary and which would have given the protagonists some headaches. "

"Seiya and Ryuji (protagonist of Ring ni Kakero, previous Kurumada manga) are two different types of heroes. In fact, a character like Ryuji is difficult to use. He is not one who pounces directly on the enemy but tends to wait for them to come to him, otherwise he doesn't do much, which makes it difficult to create the scenarios. In Saint Seiya, it is Shun who looks like Ryuji while Seiya tends to be more like Ishimatsu (another Ring ni Kakero character), if an enemy shows himself, he does not hesitate to go after him ".

Have you ever wondered why Seiya's constellation is Pegasus?

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