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Chapter 6: I only know that I know nothing

Chapter 6 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki begins with a saybil recounting the whereabouts of him and his companions during the two months they lived in the village. Holt has devoted himself to carrying out work in various fields, for which he has received a variety of assignments. For his part, Kudo has been helping out in the village clinic due to his affinity for healing magic. As for Saybil himself, because he is aware of his magical abilities, he has opened a magical depot to make magic available to anyone who needs it.


For Saybil, her life in the village has turned out very well and she gradually manages to adjust to her new life. The reality, however, is that the young man has confined himself to the house he has made his tent and has not left for any reason in the past two months. He hasn't even spoken to anyone in the village. This worries Loux quite a bit, so he gives her a mission.

While trying to fulfill his mission, the young man meets many people. Laios, the priest, and finally meets Lilly, the mouse beast girl, who gives him something to eat. He also meets Holt, who is very upset for putting the mercenary's life at risk on a job. However, thanks to Saybil's magic, Zero manages to heal him.

Chapter 7: There's nothing I can save

Ludo wakes up in a hurry and asks for more patients. To his surprise, he is in his room. This is how chapter 7 begins. Mahoutsukai Reimeiki. A few hours ago he was treating an epidemic in a neighboring town, but overestimating his magic, he passed out from exhaustion. Now the three trainees have already accumulated one error each. Holt nearly killed Mercenary, Saybil got lost in the forest, and Ludo wasn't using his magic practically.


Everyone needs to figure out how to correct their mistakes: Holt will train more, Ludo will stop showing off, and Saybil will try to get out of the house more. In this form, Holt undergoes special training with Zero and Saybil goes into the forest to gather medicinal plants with Laios. But this little adventure will have some downsides.

A "Remnant of Calamity" encounters the pair and attacks them, severely injuring Laios. A grieving Saybil struggles to get the boy back to the village, lamenting that he never practiced magic when he should have; he could have healed the little boy with that. However, both Zero and Loux are on their way to help and save Laio's life.


After passing out, the first from lack of magic and the second from lack of blood in donating to Laois, Zero and Loux all return to the village. The presence of a "Remnant of Calamity" in the forest is worrying, and the information that Holdem brings raises more suspicions.

Mahoutsukai Reimeiki Chapter 6 Opinion

Saybil, Holt and Kudo have been living in the village for two months and each has adapted in their own way. However, what chapter 6 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki is that the first of the youngsters has struggled to stay within their comfort zone and has limited their work to helping only their peers. This is unacceptable to Loux, so he forces him to leave his business.


Saybil, on her first drive down the village streets in a long time, finds that she doesn't know anything about it. Aside from witnessing his partner Holt grow up while doing nothing but locking himself up. A problem that perhaps only worries Loux, since Zero does not give it much importance.

play in the forest

Saybil is pretty hard to read. As her interactions with Loux show, Saybil sees the world from a very different perspective. This is noticed by not understanding what it means to have contact with a girl's dirty underwear. This makes it difficult to understand what the young man learned from the events of chapter 6 Mahoutsukai Reimeiki. Saybil made a decision at the end of the episode, what will it be about?


Despite being berated by both Loux and the priest, and having meaningful conversations with Laois, Holt, and the Mercenary, how much did he learn from those interactions? Did he really get the message or did he get it completely wrong? His decision to return to the forest with Laios, despite knowing that he is forbidden from doing so due to the danger, is quite strange.

a next time

The main event of Chapter 6 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki it's certainly Holt's accident with the mercenary. The situation was quite serious as it put Mercenario's life in danger as he received a spell directly from Holt. This will definitely put pressure on the young magician. How will they manage to recover from such an accident?


This accident helps remind us as viewers and the three students that magic is dangerous. Much has been said in the episodes that misusing magic can destroy entire communities and, as we are now seeing, even kill allies. Luckily, everything turned out well thanks to Zero and Saybil's magic, but this experience should remind the sorcerers' apprentices to be more careful.

Mahoutsukai Reimeiki Chapter 7 Opinion

The three teenagers had a really bad day in Chapter 7 Mahoutsukai Reimeiki. They've discovered their shortcomings, but they've also committed to correcting them. It's very gratifying to see that Holt wasn't too discouraged even though he almost killed Mercenario. Even the episode itself made it a joke to tease the young magician.


But this episode doesn't just tell how the trainees grew up. Zero has slowly begun to tell Saybil about his father, and Saybil has begun noticing the physical similarities between him and his teacher. On the other hand, Holdem seems to be planning something sinister. Was Albus' suspicion correct?

You have the same eyes as me

As mentioned above, Zero has its problems. He is running out of magic, which will cause him to age and eventually die. Walk like normal people. However, with the events of Chapter 7 of Mahoutsukai Reimeikithis truth begins to trickle down to his students, most notably his young nephew.

Although details of the evil haunting Zero were revealed, we're not told how aggressive the aftermath would be. How fast will it age? How much time does he have left to live? These ongoing power outages could indicate that the time left is not too long. Less than 10 years maybe?

Maybe that's why Zero started talking to Saybil about her father? He didn't give much information, just enough for the young man not to immediately guess his father's identity. All he knows for now is that he was a wizard and that he was very dedicated to his studies, something that distinguishes him from Saybil. Will he find out the truth sooner than Zero would like?

The devil's toy

The most worrying event of Chapter 7 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki is the appearance of "Remnants of Calamity" in the southern region. Created during the "Tragedy of the North," these creatures were designed to kill humans. There is only one explanation for their showing up in a region this far south: someone brought them.

According to information from Holdem, the "Remains of Calamity" were traded. Which suggests that someone acquired these creatures to attack the village where the witches are staying. Because of this, Mercenary, the Priest, Lilly and Zero have set to work to remedy the situation, leaving Holdem in charge of the village. Will it be a good idea?


Holden has been pretty weird for a while and there's no doubt that he's working with The Tyrant. Does it have anything to do with the "remnants of the disaster" they found? Anyhow, it seems that he will take advantage of the village caretakers' absence to do something against Saybil. Do you really have a grudge against the boy or do you have another plan?


Saybil's story unfolds and shows us her growth. Maybe we could say that Mahoutsukai Reimeiki It's slow going as there wasn't much happening in those two episodes and they focus a lot on weird situations like Holt talking to underwear stains, but I think that's ok. I like that the show takes the time to develop its characters.


Anyway, after some pretty quiet episodes, it looks like the climax of this arc is about to begin. Apparently "The Tyrant" hasn't finished its business with the young wizards, but before the next episode comes, let me ask you what you think of chapters 6 and 7 Mahoutsukai Reimeiki? Do you like the jokes or do you find them very boring?

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