For several years, the manga Shutatsu no Valkyrie, known in the West as the Recording of Ragnarok. The battle between divinity and humans is an unrelenting battle, spiced with bleeding, shattering, tearing, and more. All of this is the fault of a struggle that will or will not lead to human extinction.

The first warrior to conquer the field for humans in Record of Ragnarok it was Lu Bu, who faced Thor. However, the human of Chinese descent, defeated in the first fight, is back thanks to a spin-off dedicated to him. The manga Ryo Fu Hō Sen Hishōden (The Legend of Lü Bu Fengxiang, the Flying General) was published on Comic Zenon by Tokuma Shoten, which tells the story of Lü Bu.

However, the Record of Ragnarok spin-off is nearing completion. With the release of the sixth volume at home, it was confirmed that the Manga with Lü Bu protagonist will end with the seventh volumewhich is already planned for December 20, 2022 in Japan. As a result, there are very few chapters left until the Chinese general completes the narrative.

In the meantime, the scenario has passed to other warriors in the main manga, and has now become reality in the anime with Record of Ragnarok Season 2.

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