In the last few chapters, following the defeat of the original members of Kara, new enemies have come onto the scene. Initially, these were run by code, which may beBoruto's final antagonist. Now, however, the group of villains has split, causing problems for Code, and all of this is partly due to Daemon.

The child, of whom Eida is very considerate, immediately proved to be a deadly ace up his sleeve. Both used by Code in his favor during the fight in the forest with Boruto and Kawaki, he is actually the girl's right arm, able to read past and present. However, Boruto's Chapter 71 also caused revelations What is the origin of Daemon's power.

The child needs to use his power place your palm on his opponent. This is the only way he can reflect the murder instinct and thus every attack, otherwise he has to dodge the attack. This was revealed by Bug, the old man who guarded the structure built by Boro.

Obviously only Code knows this secret, so the protagonists will have to find out later. You will be able to avoid problems with Daemon in Boruto: Naruto the next generations?

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