The spin-off series for portable monsters, Pokémon Twilight Wings found some success with fans of the series, the main theme of which was the deepening of some very important characters in the Galar region that were introduced in the Pokémon Sword and Shield video games.

The final episode, the seventh, will air in Japan today, August 6th, according to the latest rumors and leaked information as the protagonist of the champion of the League of Galar, Dandel. To celebrate the completion of the split, Studio Colorido has released a new key visual depicting some of the key characters in the game's storyline.

As you can see in the post posted at the bottom of the news, Dandel is supported by trainers Yarrow and Fabia, gym managers of grass and fighting Pokémon, respectively, while we find those below President Rose, a very controversial character who, driven by a strong fear for the fate of humanity, will make many wrong decisions.

While a second season of Twilight Wings has not been confirmed, in the future we might expect a return to Galar to deal with several unfinished stories, or maybe it becomes a habit. make a row parallel to the regular one to complete the exploration of a specific region.

Recall that Fabia and Azzurra received a great cosplay and that the Pokémon Explorations release date in Italy was announced.

New Pokémon: Twilight Wings Visual! by r / anime

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