The return of the slayer manga with Chapter 363 led to the reappearance of an enigmatic protagonist, the Knight of the Skull. With the serialization of work continued by Koji Mori and Studio Gaga, the community continues to wonder who is hiding under that mask. Who is the Berserker Skull Knight?

Despite publications of only a few pages and a presence reduced to 15 from the current 41 volumes, the Skull Knight is one of the central characters of Berserk. He sides with Guts and is a ghostly protagonist whose symbol is the rose, an effigy evoked by both the shield and the sword.

His The first appearance dates back to Volume 9 of the manga, when he made his debut by prophesying to Guts the impending arrival of the eclipse. His latest is in Chapter 369 of Berserk, where he witnesses the disappearance of an entire kingdom while keeping his distance.

But what do we know about the Skull Knight? That is the opinion of many he is actually Emperor Gaisselick, who had united the western continent and founded the capital, Midland, a thousand years before Guts' history began. However, the city was destroyed and traces of Gaisselick were lost.

Many years after these events, a leader faced Boid and the hand of God by wearing theBerserker armor. However, due to this magical artifact, this leader lost his humanity and transformed into the one now known as the Knight of the Skull.

After giving up the berserker armor guarded by the witch Flora in her castle, the Knight of the Skull continues to face the Apostles of the Hand of God and the Nosferatu Zodd. His main goal is to hunt down the apostles to eat their bejelit. These are used to create a magical sword that has the ability to cut through the universe and seal the five necromancers.

There is no certainty that the Skull Knight is actually Emperor Gasslick, but in the flashback narrated to Guts in Berserk 362, he states that these events date back to it until the death of a king and the birth of a dead being wander in the dark night. Another certainty is that the Knight of the Skull wears a helmet depicting a skull, just like the great leader Gasslick.

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