From the second generation the world is from Pokémon has expanded not only through the Pokédex but other aspects of the franchise as well. One of the great Pokémon puzzles is the unknown, although it appears a lot from Generation II.

The unknowns may have helped create a language in the Pokémon world but it's not clear how that happened. Although Pokémon linguists have devoted themselves to studying these creatures, it is unclear whether the unknowns arrived before or after the advent of the written language.

At the same time, Asian mythology believes that dragons taught humans to write and read, and that belief seems to rule the Sinnoh region as well, with Pokémon like Uxie, Mespirite is Azelf who are believed to have given people the concepts of intelligence and emotion. Given the close relationship between the Johto and Sinnoh regions in video games, it makes sense that Pokémon contributed at least in part to the creation of the language.

How did the strangers manage to communicate that their shape has a certain meaning? Your psychotype would suggest via telepathyHowever, Professor Oak said at the beginning of the third film that despite being able to use psychic waves, they are unable to communicate using telepathy.

If we think of the lore of Sinnoh, it is possible that the ancient civilizations came in contact with Uxie and the unknown in a very close time, and that the two species together were able to associate the form of the unknown with language.

It seems that the unknowns are some of the most apt Pokémon of all time. They are related to the written language, but we don't know how, if they really taught people to write, we don't know how.

Do you remember the first time you met the unknown? What's your favorite Pokémon game?

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