On May 25, Japan saw the lifting of the state of emergency across the country. It was natural, after this comforting development, that the animation industry would mobilize as soon as possible to resume the transmission of the numerous paused animated series. Pokémon she is one of the first to return.

In this regard, a few hours ago the Twitter account @AnimeThreapy announced the return of the Pokémon Exploration anime. The staff is officially back to work, as the user post specifies, and the animated series will resume next June 7th.

The news is also confirmed by the official account of the anime, who celebrated the resumption of the broadcast with a new illustration by Ash and GO, with the fans who expressed their enthusiasm in the comments section.

In recent days the absence of news on the series has been filled from unedited backstory on the first seasons of Pokémon, curated by the screenwriter Takeshi Shudo. The author wrote the anime and feature films in the first five years of the project's life, and before his death he used to write some behind the scenes of the series on his personal blog.

The original Pokémon author ended up in hospital after learning about the future of the series. Takeshi Shudo intended to develop the character of Ash and his companions differently.

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