My Hero Academia: one theory explains Bakugo’s eternal anger

The world of My Hero Academia it is rich in quirks. These are sometimes just small additions that don't cause much difference with the life of a normal person in our world. Other times, on the other hand, they are really problematic to manage and can cause damage unintentionally, not only to people and external things but also to your body.

For example, the quirk of Shoto Todoroki alters body temperature too much and must be continuously balanced, or that of Momo Yaoyorozu which instead requires an almost constant high-fat diet. Also one of the most appreciated characters of My Hero Academia, Katsuki Bakugo, he may have problems with his quirk.

the Quirk Explosions of Bakugo makes nitroglycerin secrete in the palm of your hands which then the boy detonates. He too has a kind of stamina to watch out for and cannot use quirk more than he should, although Horikoshi has specified that quirk has no major effect on the young man's body. However, a fan has analyzed what entails having a high nitroglycerin value in the blood.

In fact, the compound reduces a person's heartbeat and, in the calmer phases, also leads to fainting. That's why according to the fan Katsuki Bakugo is always on top. Even if he does it more or less automatically now, his character may be due to a sort of self-defense mechanism that starts from the brain to always keep the heart rate high and counteract the negative effects of the quirk.

What do you think of this theory, Bakugo is really influenced by his quirk in this way? In the manga, the quirk of Tomura Shigaraki that we reviewed in chapter 272 of My Hero Academia is also at the center of theories.

This is a pretty interesting Bakugo theory from r / BokuNoHeroAcademia

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