2023 is a significant year for the franchise Pokemon. While fans, on the one hand, are waiting to see how the adventure proposed in Scarlet and Violet will evolve with the DLC coming at the end of the year, on the other hand, fans of the anime will welcome Ash Ketchum, who has arrived in a very special framework before the definitive one Taking leave.

The tenth episode of Pokémon: Aim to Be a Pokémon Master has indeed brought the historical protagonist and his companions to town deep sea. Also known as Water City, this area has a presence in the Johto region and was first introduced in the brand's fifth film, Pokémon Heroes, which was released in Japan in July 2002. This is where the Secret Garden is located. Home to the two Legendaries introduced in Generation III: Latios and Latiaswho formed a strong bond with Ash during the last series.

Few times in the history of the franchise has the anime made such direct references to situations seen in the films, hence the decision to bring the protagonist back even in the face of it Bianca, granddaughter of Lorenzo, manager of the Civic Museum. For many viewers, the return to Alto Mare came as a real surprise, a chance to revisit a place that meant a lot to Ash and his precious new companion, Latias, after more than 20 years.

Before we say goodbye, we leave you the Ash and Pikachu farewell trailer and the reactions of the fans to the dissolution of Team Rocket.

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