A few moments in ONE PIECE have become as memorable as the death of Portgas D. Ace during Whitebeard's terrifying war for supremacy in Marineford. To commemorate such a seasoned pirate lamented in the series, TH Studio has presented a new collectible figurine dedicated to his most emblematic technique.

The Fire Fruit Fire, has become one of the most powerful Rogia-type Devil Fruits since his first appearances in the series, thanks both to the extraordinary skills demonstrated by Ace, who has since mastered them, and the legacy Sabo inherited after his death brotherly friend. Ace's most distinctive attack, which also earned him thatNickname Fire Fistis the Hiken, and the artists at TH Studio have tried to make it even more epic in the new character that you can see in the images at the bottom of the page.

arrive between the third or fourth quarter of 2023, the statue will be available in four versions, all 31 centimeters tall and characterized by a different form of the huge incandescent fist that Ace is preparing to throw at the opponent, illuminated by LEDs and with the characteristic pirate hat on it. For those who want the normal version without lighting, it is already possible to book it at Price of 175 euroswhile each of the other three versions can be booked for 195 euros.

Finally here are the spoilers of Chapter 1079 of ONE PIECE to be released on MangaPlus on Sunday March 26th, 2023 and we let you find out what is Eiichiro Oda Sensei's favorite dish.

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