The final storyline of Black clover entered the last great phase, beginning with the Day of Judgment. The self-proclaimed savior of the world and mankind has returned for the final war, and despite all the preparations by the Magic Knight squads to defend the Clover Kingdom, one of the commanders has been seriously injured.

Eight years after the release of the first chapter Yuki Tabata is now projected towards the end of the series, and has already revealed just how devastating the series of final battles that Asta and his precious allies will take part in will be. Though the commanders of the horse squadrons anticipated the imminent arrival of Zogratis and his men, no one could have imagined how soon any of them would be overwhelmed by the strength of an old ally.

In Chapter 354, Yami, Charlotte, and Jack mistake one of the Paladins for Night, but the latter turns out to be real Morning, brought back to life thanks to Lucius and now bound to his will. But just before he understands who the boy in front of him really is, Jack is hit by his powerthe magic of light, with his left hand cut off and a huge circular wound on his chest.

As Zogratis heralds the beginning of humanity's salvation and in the sky the "angels," as defined by the surprised citizens, illuminate the kingdom, Yami, Charlotte, and the others are ready to face them, though aware of the great loss conscious are suffered, and Worry about your friend's fate. How do you think things will develop? Do you think Jack will die? Tell us in the comments.

Finally here are the match-ups of the last battles of Black Clover and we remind you that CAW has presented a spectacular limited edition figure of Black Asta.

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