In late November, a Pokémon TCG leak revealed that Pokémon World Champion decks would be relaunched in 2023 after a three-year hiatus linked to the coronavirus pandemic. However, in the last few hours the officer has arrived: i Pokémon TCG World Champion decks are released very early.

The PokéGuardian website actually reports that some retailers in connection with The Pokémon Company have formalized the Release of the new TCG decks for March 3, 2023. In all, TPCi will release four different decks that four players have used to reach the highest peaks in the trading card game over the last competitive season.

The players whose decks are "translated" into ready-made decks and readily available at kiosks and specialty stores are:

  • Andre Chiasson, Canadian Champion of Pokémon TCG and 6th place finisher at TCG Worlds of 2022 in London. Chiasson was defeated by Ondrej Skrubal, who took the world title at the same championships.
  • Ondrej Skrubal, 2022 Pokémon World Champion from the Czech Republic, who defeated Daichi Shimada 2-0 in London to reach the top of the trading card game and win a prize of $25,000.
  • Rikuto Ohashi, Junior TCG World Champion who defeated American challenger Tristan T. last August with his deck based on the Pokémon Palkia, one of the most popular in the world metagame from 2022.
  • Sebastian Laschmet, Vice World Champion 2022 with a deck based on Urshifu Pluricolpo VMAX that earned him $15,000.

Each deck will faithfully replicate that of the champion it was taken from decklist and will understand 60 cards, a booklet dedicated to the World Championships in London and a range of themed gadgets including a pin, coin, card case, game board and poster. The market price for each deck should be around $15.

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