The destruction of the Kuruta clan was a cathartic moment for Kurapika, one of the protagonists of Hunter x Hunter. After Gon and Killua, he is the one who has spent the most time in the spotlight, ahead of Leorio, who is still the least exploited by Yoshihiro Togashi in his manga. He has also asserted himself as a hunter several times in the course of history.

He will do anything to avenge his clan. In particular, he made a very risky but also profitable pact by exploiting his special Nen thanks to a characteristic trait of his clan. In doing so, he began hunting down the Phantom Brigade, the main enemy group in Hunter x Hunter. During the York Shin City saga Kurapika managed to track down the group and has dealt with several.

Above all, an important feud has broken out with one of them. Among the Phantom Brigade's strongest is Uborghin, the strongest toughening-type Nen-user of all. The man is gigantic, and his brute strength is fueled by a Nen that further amplifies his muscles of steel. Kurapika managed to beat him with his special chains and lots of cunning. the Clash between Kurapika and Uborghin was represented by this statuette priced at 1000 euros. Iker Logan shared these images on Twitter of the moment the Kuruta uses his chains against the spider, which tries to hit him instead. With an impressive height of sixty centimeters, it should be available in the third quarter of 2023.

A difficult time is now approaching for Kurapika given the current situation on the ship due to the War of Succession between the fourteen princes of Kakin.

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