By now everyone has the first chapter in their heads Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, when Kawaki and Naruto's young son faced each other in a ruined Konoha. This time jump, which has not yet been touched by Kishimoto and Kodachi's manga, always remains a mystery as the cause of the village's destruction is not understood.

The destroyed Leaf Village could be caused by a variety of factors. For now, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations seems to have already commented on some, and there's one group of characters in particular that could be a harbinger of that destruction. Certainly the focus of everyone's attention is Code, Boruto's enemy, who has been sidelined for now by Boruto's Slice of Life Drift. Another character to keep an eye on is Amado.

The scientist has been present in manga and anime for some time, initially belonging to the group of villains. However, he was always very calculating and treacherous, and in fact he betrayed all factions several times to ensure his survival. Amado does not have the strength and ninja techniques to directly destroy the Leaf Village, but it is very likely that he will be at least indirectly one of the causes of the downfall of the Land of Fire Ninja Village.

As a matter of fact Amado unleashed the true power of code, but not only that: he restored Kawaki's karma and still intends to find a way to permanently revive his daughter. It is precisely in this constant quest for resurrection that one of the main characters could end up destroying the village. Who do you think will cause it Destruction of Konoha?

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