Ash's endless adventure has lasted for many years and many seasons Pokémon they followed one another. But since the beginning of the story, our protagonist has captured countless creatures that have helped him achieve his dream. But how many monsters have you caught so far?

As the latest TV series prepares to bring back a well-known legendary who is rumored to be captured by either of the protagonists, some fans have begun rounding up the many Pokémon ash he caught on his way. Before we reveal the exact number, we would like to remind you that you can take another look at the character on our pages, namely his percentage of wins during Pokémon battles.

The user Raf, famous for some of its leaks related to the world of Pokémon, recently created a sum of all the monsters captured by the protagonists so far. In reality, the insider has repeatedly stated that the counting took into account the different types of creatures so as not to count the repetitions (for example, the numerous tauros). Raf therefore emphasized that with episode 39 of Pokémon Explorations, Ash caught 95 different species. An incredible number close to the great coach has hit 100, a number he is likely to hit in the following season.

And on the other hand, you expected such a number? Let us know with a comment below.

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