Projected to the conclusion, the series of Pokemon: Explorations showed Ash Ketchum's proclamation as world champion following his win over Dandel in the World Coronation Series finals, and now he wants to bring viewers back to follow the fate of co-star Goh. In the next episode we return to the footsteps of Mew.

Indeed, as already anticipated in the titles of the new episodes, the focus of the narrative will return to the adventure that Goh has undertaken together with other experienced and curious trainers, and thanks to the preview publication of the episode synopsis, and the translation of AniPoke fandomwhich you can see at the bottom of the page and which we report on below.

"During the search for Mew, the hunting party splits into two groups after the recent unrest on the island. Goh, Horace and Danika They meet another Legendary: Kyogre, while Gary and Quillon face Groudon. Why are there Legendary Pokémon in this location? What will Goh and the others see as they continue to climb Table Mountain? Will Goh be able to meet Mew? and make his dream come true?”

The presentation seems to indicate that Goh will soon be able to achieve desired results like Ash, but what do you think? Tell us by leaving a comment below. Finally, we leave you with the words of Ash's voice actress about the future of the protagonist.

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