ONE, globally acclaimed author of works like Mob Psycho 100 and the still ongoing One-Punch Man, is back to sign a new series. versus debuted in Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine and while we waited to learn more about this new series, the first official color page dedicated to the protagonists was also released.

To celebrate this new beginning in the publisher's magazine Kodansha In fact, the gorgeous color spread that you can see in the post shared by Shonenleaks and reported at the bottom of the page has been included. This is the same illustration shown a few days after the series was officially announced. written by ONE and drawn by Azuma Kyoutarouand shows who will most likely be the main characters of the story.

From the medieval armor of the protagonist to the wizard's robes in the foreground, the style of the characters appears very varied, and given the hypothetical presence of many heroes and villains, the focus of the story is one Tournament pitting humans and demons against each other, we can expect all to be well characterized. Tell us what you think of this first look at the Versus series by leaving a comment below.

Finally we leave you with the latest updates on Chapter 174 of One-Punch Man.

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