Ash and Goh continue their adventure Pokémon exploration and now they meet the legendary Mewtwo. The main particularity of this Pokémon is that it is the same one that was presented to us in the 1998 film.

Follow the story arc from the games Pokémon sword and shieldThe anime continues by introducing the trainer's protagonists to a new story that has been talked about for the past few weeks. The date of the return of the legendary creature in Pokémon Explorations had previously been announced and now the long-awaited episode has been made available.

There Episode number 46 In the series, the protagonists examine the island of Cello based on some energy signals that seem to detect the presence of Mew. Once on site, the two meet Mewtwo and soon a fight begins, reported in the tweet at the bottom of the news.

Another important element affecting the Pokémon that fans love is the presence of Masachika Ichimura, the historic voice actor for the legendary who has already played him, as well as in the first film, also in the remake in 3DCG of 2019 entitled Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution.

Ash seems to recognize the creature by remembering their first meeting, but the same doesn't seem to happen on the other side. It is also revealed that Mewtwo still retains its ideals featured in the movies, while those of the two boys are recognized by noting their bonds with their Pokémon during battle.

And what do you think of Mewtwo? What do you think is the reason for his return? Let us know in the comments. I also carry an article in which we talk about Lucario joining Ash's team in Pokémon Explorations.

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