The new anime series for portable monsters, Pokémon Explorations , turns out to be very different from what has been seen in the franchise so far. With the discovery of the Galar region and the introduction of new characters, the protagonists seem to be standing aside, at least for the time being, and we will follow the adventures of Gou.

This particular choice of the authors of the anime was to be confirmed the summary of the next episode, released last weekend. With the title "Celebi: a timeless promise"The episode we'll see on August 9th will have special meaning, not only for the events related to the mysterious second-generation Pokémon, but also because both Ash and Pikachu will be completely absent.

Here is the official summary of the 31st episode of Pokémon Explorations: "3 years ago Gou met a boy named Tokyo while traveling with his family to the city of Azalina in the Johto region. Tokyo was looking for the mysterious Pokémon celebrityI, so the two decide to look for it together, but it immediately turns out to be a pretty difficult task. The two separated and promised to meet again the next day, but Tokyo never returned to the place they had chosen. With a flash of lightning we go back to today, where Gou returns to Azalina and meets ...?! "

As the summary shows, the episode is entirely dedicated to a special study of the character of Gou. The two friends will likely see each other again, or Gou will be able to find Celebi, however unlikely it may be.

Remember that Eevee got a steel shape in a fanart and that an unpublished theme song will debut in the next episodes of Pokémon Explorations.

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