Eiichiro Oda has been in the 23 years of publication of ONE PIECE Undoubtedly unique, iconic elements that manage to add depth to the narrative while making it more mysterious, like the Frutti del Diavolo, which have grown in importance with increasing chapters.

So far, we have discovered many interesting things about these particular fruits, such as the fact that they are unique in that the fruit in question regenerates after the death of an "owner" of the powers, making anyone who eats them unable to swim and before everything that they exist. three categories: Rogia, Paramisha and Zoo Zooeach with different consequences for the body of those who receive them and are able to transfer specific powers.

To pay homage to such an important element in the ONE PIECE story, the Demon Studio created four perfect and elegant reproductions of some Frutti del Diavolo. As you can see in the post at the bottom of the page, the reproduced fruits are Luffy's Gom Gom, Ace and Sabos Foco Foco, Trafalgar Laws Ope Ope and finally the Dark Dark of the terrible Blackbeard.

For those interested, the fruits are around 11 centimeters high, they will be available at the end of the year and it is already possible to pre-order them in bundles 155 eurosexcluding shipping charges. Remember that ONE PIECE arrived in Chapter 986e and the last part of the story was officially announced.

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