Digimon Adventure 2020 It was very different from the 1999 series. It therefore appears that the restart, which was created to celebrate the 20 years of this digital world, is a completely different path in terms of both the plot and the development of its main characters will strike. But some things will still not change.

One of the main enemies that the bank will consider to be some episodes of Digimon Adventure 2020 is about to appear in the anime. After getting to know Ogremon, a classic evil Digimon, we also learned what in episode 9 He could be the main villain in this series, Devimon.

In the 1999 anime Devimon was an antagonist only in the first narrative sheetwhen the kids were still on File Island and then made room for much stronger and darker enemies. But this time, it seems that Devimon will play a much more important role throughout Digiworld and will be more menacing and impatient at the character level.

He does not fail to severely punish Ogremon for failing to send MetalTyrannomon in his place. At the moment, the villain of Digimon Adventure 2020 seems to be using various means to control the Digimon, setting aside the original series’ Black Gear. How will the Digi-Chosen defeat Devimon??

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