A few days ago, we announced that some Insiders in Early Access had obtained episode 1 The attack of the giants 4, a phenomenon that appears to have been repeated for subsequent episodes. It appears that Studio MAPPA noticed the matter and personally mobilized to prevent news leakage.

Have you ever wondered why Insiders can't post their news in advance? The risk of complaints and account details is very high and this becomes even more dangerous when users are identified directly by representatives of an animation studio. This is the case with Old Dac, one of the most authoritative sources of leaks related to the Giants 4 attack and beyond.

A few hours ago, an old twitter of his, the same attachment at the bottom of the news, was identified by none other than a producer of The Attack of the Giants (all four seasons!). Tetsuya Kinoshita. The producer commented on an inside post that clarified the role of the "production committee" and the number of George Wada inside the president of Wit studio. In either case, you can find the relevant topic at the bottom of the news.

Less than an hour later, Alter Dac published a thank you post for all users who have followed him so far and announced that most of his information channels (presumably the accounts in the various portals for searching for news) have been deleted and his Twitter Profile can also be closed shortly.

A series of events that are not far from each other but undoubtedly seem to be related. Many fans have joined the thread to thank the producer and studio MAPPA for the efforts made so far. Kinoshita saluted fans for the continued support of the anime by adding this his comments would theoretically not be allowedi, a symptom of a major imbalance leading to the closure of one of the greatest sources of information regarding the giant attack 4.

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