It's really impressive to think how many adventures Ash Ketchum has gone through. Moving from one region to another in more than 1000 episodes that we've created Pokémon exploration The protagonist not only measured himself against the best school principals, but also had numerous portable monsters at his side.

The rhythm that sets the final season apart and sets it apart from Pokémon, combined with the theme of the journey developed particularly in the final episodes, has allowed the writers to often take us back in time Encounters with iconic characters and long-time fans like to remember that, but also with quick and meaningful flashbacks.

In one of the most recent episodes aired, we found Furio, a combat Pokémon expert and sports director from Blossom City, one of the towns in the Johto area, and it was predicted that Ash was instantly struck by the memory of her fight that took place in the Episode took place in 209. On that occasion, Ash had decided to lead the field Pikachu and Bayleef versus Furios Poliwrath and Machoke. To his great surprise, the second-generation starter, guided by his strong bond with Ash, managed to take out both opponents.

The authors then added a flashback to remember such an important conflict, and Tribute to Bayleef, Pokémon that, like many now, no longer appears on Ash's team. You can find a frame of the flashback in the post at the bottom of the news. Recall that episode 41 recap was revealed by Pokémon Explorations, and we're leaving it to a great dragon eevee designed by a fan.

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