We all saw it Pokémon exploration wants to break through the wall of ethics and allow the protagonists to catch the legendaries. There has even been an attempt by Goh, and even if it was unsuccessful, all the conditions for the big turning point are in place. In this regard, the two trainers will try a different company.

In episode 41, Goh armed himself with courage and tried to make Zapdos his own. There However, the Poké Ball broke before the power of the legendary, which is why some enthusiasts have begun to believe that a Master Ball may show up sooner or later, even in the face of some strange clues from official merchandising.

In any case, the next attempt by the protagonists won't be long in coming, as 2021 has every intention of starting with a bang. With episode 52in fact expected on January 29th the episode entitled "Conquer the legend ?! Find the water of the patron god Suicune !!". We don't know who will join the company between Ash and Goh, but we remind you that both coaches have not yet completed their team and a sensational turn is not ruled out. We therefore recommend that you visit our pages on the To keep abreast of not doing so. " Don't miss any updates on the upcoming Pokémon Exploration episodes.

However, do you think either trainer will be able to catch a Legendary? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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