For Ash, the time has come for another epic battle. To continue climbing the leaderboard and taking part in the World Coronation Series Master Class, the trainer is called in to fight Fabia, one of the directors of the Galar gyms. Here's the challenge between the giants from episode 86 of Pokémon exploration!

For the third time, Ash challenges Fabia, aka Bea, Latermore Gym Leader, specializing in the fight type. This time, however, their fight will have a special touch: it will be a challenge between two giants to determine the winner!

After sending out Pikachu and Sirfetch'd to fight Grapploct and Hawlucha, respectively, use his Lucario. The last time the protagonist fought with Fabia, Lucario was just a little Riolu. In return, he now wants to prove his true worth against his bitter rival.

At her side, however, Fabia has an ace up her sleeve, the Dynamax cuff, which turns her Machamp into a giant and colossal Machamp Gigamax. Ash and Lucario keep fighting without fear and without giving up, using the special bond that binds them together. As we can see from the clip at the end of the article, taking advantage of its speed, the protagonist's Pokémon can dodge the blows of the energetic opponent and literally climb up to reach his face where it inflicts a fatal blow.

Even so, Machomp Gigamax is not giving up and seems even more motivated to take the win. At this point, Ash and Lucario are also using their secret weapon, the Lucarite Stone and Mega Gauntlet, which they received on Mega Island. With Mega Lucario on the battlefield, the fight eventually tipped over in favor of Ash, who is now in the top eight of the master class. Who will be his next opponent?

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