Ash's path in tournaments was filled with many wins and big losses until his incredible growth last season when he became the Alolan Champion. in the Pokemon: Explorations has continued to improve and the confrontation with the different champions has finally reached the finals, but will he be able to defeat Dandel?

Over the many seasons Ash has undergone progressive development, as well as the affection he feels for his Pokémon, most notably the inseparable Pikachu. The hard training in the different regions visited in the past allowed him to deepen the synergy with some of his best companions like Lucario and reach the master class of the World Coronation Series.

L'unbelievable win against Camilla, the best coach in the world, brought Ash closer to his dream: to face Dandel face-to-face in an official competition. In light of the rumors about the future change of protagonist in the series, a role that could pass to Goh and director Jun Owada's revelations, Ash could actually become world champion of Pokémon and decides to retire after fulfilling his dream after so many adventures. And what do you think of this possible ending? Tell us in the comments.

Finally, we leave you to the reactions of the community following Episode 124 of Pokémon: Explorations.

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