The Granolah Survivor Saga of Dragonball Super It was originally presented as a direct continuation of the narrative arc dedicated to the powerful and millennial magician Molo. To honor one of the most popular villains in the Toriyama and Toyotaro series, an enthusiast created an amazing drawing in the perfect Dragon Ball Z style.

Often compared to Cell, both for some design details and above all for his skills, the magician Molo has in fact proven to be one of the greatest threats to the earth and has been repeatedly honored with illustrations and drawings that show him the indistinguishable character trait of the Z. Der Instead, artist salvamakoto thought of creating a real one Summary poster of the entire saga of the Prisoner of the Galactic Patrolthat respects the characteristics, traits, and stylistic traits of the Dragon Ball Z anime.

As you can see in the post at the bottom of the page shared by merctaofan on Reddit, the drawing in question shows Molo in the background before the transformation due to the absorption of OG-73I. Vegeta in the unmistakable outfits of the planet Yardratwhere he went to practice and where he learned the forced spiritual split technique. Finally, on the left, a little Goku appears with the classic orange suit and the symbol of the Galactic Patrol.

In conclusion, we recall that in chapter 74, Vegeta took a strategy to put it mildly to face Granolah, and we let you find out who is currently the strongest between Goku and the Prince of the Saiyans.

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