A leak from China via Weibo reported the registration of the Internet domain (https://blackrockshooter-dawnfall.com/), suggesting the production of a new project of the multimedia franchise by black Rock Shooter. The leak didn't reveal any further details, so it could either be an anime, a video game, or some other medium.

black Rock Shooter

black Rock Shooter is a multimedia franchise based on characters from the illustrator Ryohei fuke, also known as Huke. A 50 minute OVA was produced by Yutaka yamamoto while studying Ordet and published in July 2010.

This project was followed by various derivatives highlighting a series of eight episodes made by the same studio in collaboration with. were produced Sanzigen, aired in February 2012. The franchise also inspired several manga series and a video game for the PlayStation Portable, each of which has its own universe.

Synopsis of Black Rock Shooter

On the first day of school, Mato Kuroi meets Yomi Takanashi, a shy and withdrawn girl, in whom he is immediately interested. Mato tries to start a conversation with Yomi because he wants to befriend her. At first he evades her, but the ice breaks when Yomi notices a decorative blue bird hanging on Matos' phone, taken from the book "Li'l Birds At Play". When they discover they have a common interest, the two forge a strong friendship.

In an alternative universe, the young women exist as parallel beings, Mato as Black ★ Rock Shooter and Yomi as Dead Master. Somehow what happens in one world seems to affect the other, and without being aware of it, the girls unwittingly get caught in the threads of fate.

Source: Weibo

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